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Frequently Asked Questions About SpinZone Laundry

Laundromat FAQ

Each location has individual hours some open 24/7. Please visit our location page for hours of each location.

Yes! We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express & Discover at all stores for both Self-Serve - Wash, Dry, Fluff & Fold drop off service and Pick Up and Delivery, in addition to coin.

Yes! SpinZone Laundry is fully-staffed with friendly, highly-trained attendants who are ready to help you any time day or night.

Yes! We have numerous large washers and dryers that can easily handle any size bedding you may have.

We are staffed full time by experienced customer service representatives who will be happy to advise you on the appropriate machine to use and how to use them.

Our Rewards Program is absolutely free! Click here to sign up online, at the kiosk in each store or ask one of our attendants for assistance. We do not share your information with any outside company.

No. Every store has change machines and many stores have bill breakers to break bills into smaller ones before you get change. In addition, each store has machines that will accept debt & credit cards so you can be cashless if you so wish.

Yes! Every store has Wi-Fi and SpinZone SoCo has Google Fiber!

We have several washer and dryer sizes with different settings. The more laundry you’re able to combine together into a single large machine, the less it costs per pound of laundry. Each location has a variety of machines from 1-load washers starting at $1.75 to 10 loads and dryers from 3 loads 8 loads. Complete pricing list

Weekdays are your best bet. Our slowest days are Tuesday through Friday. These are also our special days!

We have washer sizes ranging from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 loads in a single washer! Dryer sizes range from 30 lbs (3 loads), 45 lbs (5 loads) and 75 lbs (8 loads)

Yes! All our locations have numerous flat screen TV’s, Free Wi-Fi and in-store vending machines. Some stores also have outside recreation areas, play areas for your kids and complimentary iPad and charging stations.

Our front-loading washers and gas-powered dryers are fast. Most wash cycles take around 25 minutes and dryer times are typically around 30 minutes. How would you like to get a week’s worth of laundry (or even a month’s worth) done in under an hour?

Wash and Fold Laundry Service

(In Store / Pick-Up & Delivery)

Yes! We now offer pick up and delivery service in the Greater Austin & Round Rock Area. Our complete Fluff and Fold Service pricing can be found on our pricing page.

It’s simple. Click here to get started.

Yes, we accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover for our drop off and our delivery services.

We currently serve most of the Greater Austin & Round Rock Area. Visit our service areas page and enter your zip code to see if we service your location.

You will receive an email or text reminder for pickups the day before. However, if you do forget to leave your laundry out, we do reserve the right to charge a $15 missed pickup fee to cover costs.

We are open to special requests. If you don't specify, we typically hang the more formal items for free, like shirts, blouses and slacks; then protect them with a clear plastic garment bag. We'll fold everything else and package it for protection.

Yes, we separate your whites and darks.

Minimum drop-off charge is $25. There is a pickup and delivery minimum of $40. Please visit our pricing page.

No, we do not combine laundry loads. Every order is washed separately.

Of course! During the account setup process you will be able to add your personal preferences that will be followed for each and every order. In addition, when you place an order you will be able to create specific instructions for that individual order.

Yes. You can log into your online account and change your preferences as often as you like.

No, but when scheduling the service, please provide clear instructions indicating where we can find your clothes and drop them off. Please ensure that you have a secure space to leave your clothes that isn't visible from the street. If you live in an apartment or condo complex, you can leave the clothes with the front desk attendant if they have one. If your building requires a code to enter, please inform us at the time of placing the order.

When the order is completed, we bill your credit card and email you an invoice.

Commercial Laundry Services

No contract is required. We will earn your business each and every time we launder your items.

We will work with each customer on an individual basis and create a schedule that works for you.

SpinZone Laundry does not lease linens and other garments. We wash all our customers’ orders separately and you will receive back exactly what you handed to us.

To create an account for your business, please contact us at (512) 333-9000 or info@spinzonelaundry.com and we will create the account for you. We will be adding the ability to manage your account online in the near future.