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Laundromat Etiquette for SpinZone Laundry

(A Laundry List of Best Practices)

SpinZone Laundry management team and staff welcome you to the cleanest, largest, and finest 24-hour full-service laundromat.

We ask that you observe the following:


  • No smoking, soliciting, alcohol, profanity, pets or loitering.
  • Restrooms are for customers only.
  • Please do not sit on folding tables, washers or dryers.
  • Please do not run in the store or ride in the laundry carts.
  • Use caution at all times as floors may be slippery or wet.
  • Please put all waste, laundry products and unwanted clothing in waste containers.
  • Please keep dirty clothes off the folding tables.

Family / Self / Customer:

  • Please be courteous to all laundry customers and staff members.
  • All children must be safely supervised by their parent or guardian at all times.
  • Please do not remove other people’s clothes – Ask a SpinZone team member for assistance.

Laundry Process:

  • Stay with your clothes. Please do not leave your clothes or belongings unattended.
  • Use machines at your own risk, as we are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Check washers and dryers for items before using.
  • Please empty all pockets before washing clothes.
  • Please remove your clothes as soon as the machine cycle finishes.
  • To protect your clothing, please do not use tint or dye.
  • If you are going to leave the laundromat, please return before the end of your machine’s cycle.
  • Closely read all garment labels for proper washing.


  • Please check machines prior to using them.
  • Do not overload the machines or use excess detergent.
  • All clothes left in machines or store will be donated to charity.
  • Do not wash rugs/blankets in small, single-load washers.
  • Dryers are only available for articles that have been washed at this facility.
  • No rubber or nylon in dryers, as these materials could melt and damage your clothes.
  • Please do not reserve washers or dryers prior to use.
  • Please leave the washer door open after finishing your final cycle.
  • Remove laundry from dryer upon completion to avoid wrinkling.


  • SpinZone Team members are not on duty for security purposes.
  • As solely determined by management, we reserve the right to refuse service or entry into the premises to anyone and at any time.
  • Employees do not have access to security video.
  • Security video is for in-store use only. We do not share video with customers however, we will share video with law enforcement, when ask.
  • We are not responsible for the replacement of lost/stolen personal items.

Thank you for your cooperation.
- SpinZone Laundry Management