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SpinZone Laundry offers a variety of FREE pickup and delivery services in Georgetown, TX and the surrounding areas. These pickup and delivery laundry services include wash & fold laundry, Airbnb rentals, and commercial laundry.

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What to Look For in a Delivery Laundry Service

It's important to know exactly who is doing your laundry!

Numerous laundry service providers in Georgetown pop up today and are gone tomorrow, using freelancing gig workers who don't know the first thing about laundry. These crowd-funded software gurus are looking for the next "big thing" in software and don't care about your laundry experience.

Many are located out-of-state and even out of the country, thus putting much of your hard-earned dollars to work in places like New York, Seattle, and San Francisco instead of supporting local business in Georgetown/Round Rock. They are taking the "Uber" concept and attempting to apply it to the laundry service industry.

These vendors pair you with the closest and/or cheapest service provider so you have no idea who is picking up, cleaning, and delivering your clothes to you. This likely changes order-to-order, many times being outsourced to individuals with little to no laundry experience who then take your clothes home to wash at their residence.

While companies delivering your pizza or your groceries may work for you, do you really want a gig-worker freelancing with your laundry at their apartment complex?

Unlike other laundry delivery options, SpinZone Laundry operates our own production facilities, has a fleet of delivery vehicles and customers are always welcome to visit our facilities to drop off or pickup their laundry or just check us out. If a laundry provider is not willing to let you pick-up your clothes at their production facility, that's probably a sign you should keep searching for a reputable company.

SpinZone Laundry is experienced and dedicated to making your laundry experience the best it can be with full-time, W2-employees that have worked for us longer than most laundry delivery-companies have been in business...18 years and counting! We want to be your laundry partner because we know and love laundry. SpinZone Laundry cares about our community, is locally owned, and is the antithesis of a gig-worker freelancing with your laundry in their personal vehicle.

SpinZone Laundry's four convenient locations are always staffed and are happy to discuss your laundry service needs like Wash & Fold Drop-Off or Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service and to assist you setting up convenient schedules for the services that work for you. Scheduling can also easily be done on our website.

SpinZone Laundry Delivery Service

It's not a "side gig"

With Laundry Done, Enjoy some Georgetown Attractions & Recommendations

  • Inner Space Cavern: Hidden for 10,000 years, Inner Space Cavern was discovered by the Texas Highway Department in 1963 while constructing Interstate 35. This beautiful cave was opened to the public in 1966 and has since served hundreds of thousands of visitors.


  • Blue Hole Park: A scenic lagoon along the south fork of the San Gabriel River. Located five blocks north of the Downtown Square along N. Austin Avenue. Entrance is at W. Second Street and Rock Street behind El Monumento Restaurant.


  • Lake Georgetown: Located three miles west of Georgetown on the north fork of the San Gabriel River is a popular recreational destination with several parks.


  • Sweet Eats Fruit Farm: Adventure Farm, Petting Zoo, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Patch, Santa & Reindeer, Sunflower Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Pig Races… Just good wholesome family fun!


  • Monument Café: Hey Y’all! A traditional Texas roadside café using local, seasonal, organic made-from-scratch ingredients. Grandma approved!


  • Georgetown Municipal Airport: Located three miles north of Georgetown in Williamson County providing a superior regional gateway for aviation customers and home of the Stephanie Nichols Car and Vintage Plane Show benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation. Featuring classic, exotic and specialty vehicles along with vintage World War II-era planes. A no-charge family-friendly event. However, donations are encouraged!


  • The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas: Head to the center of Georgetown to find the County Seat of Williamson County. While there, mosey on over to Nathaniel’s Master Hat Maker where Native American Master Hatter, Nate Funmaker, constructs custom hats using vintage equipment and centuries-old, hands-on, craftsmanship techniques. Renowned for their high quality and beauty by celebrities such as Will Smith in “Wild, Wild, West” and just plain “folks.”


Are you a college student at the oldest college in Texas - Southwestern University and tired of waiting on a dorm washing machine? We know there are things you would prefer to do rather than laundry. Let SpinZone take a load off your hands (literally). Schedule online and free up your time!


Pickup & Delivery Laundry Service near Georgetown


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FAQ About Our Georgetown Laundry Service

SpinZone Laundry's fair, comprehensive pricing is by-the-pound so you only pay for what you need.

Customers that schedule their pickip-and-delivery on an as-needed basis are priced at $1.99 per pound.

Recurring customers are rewarded with a discount price of $1.85 per pound.

Recurring service can be scheduled as infrequently as every other week up to daily.

Items such as comforters are flat-rate priced by the item at $20 with down comforters being $30.

Pricing for laundry delivery service remains the same, 7 days a week.

We only charge by the dry weight of your clothes so never fear if your towels are damp.

SpinZone Laundry has FREE pickup and delivery and is all-inclusive so you are not nickel-and-dimed to death for things like softener and hanged clothes.

$40 minimum applies to each order.

The simple answer is...EVERYTHING! SpinZone Laundry’s fair, comprehensive approach to laundry delivery service in Georgetown has free pickup and delivery straight to your doorstep or business. But wait, it gets better. Want your clothes on hangers? No problem. Bleach and/or softener? You got it. Soap and special request are all included in the price as well! And unlike other delivery services that nickel-and-dime you or advertise free delivery but then say “other fees may still apply,” “Free Delivery” with SpinZone Laundry really means, FREE! How refreshing!
First and foremost, thank you for choosing SpinZone Laundry! We look forward to being your laundry partner and meeting your laundry needs. We understand that Laundry Pick-Up & Delivery Service is a new concept for some. We are here to help you fully understand this convenient new service so you feel comfortable using it. We have also introduced a contact-free option for our Pickup-and-Delivery service since most customers choose not to be present for Pickup or Delivery, anyway.
Here is how it works:
  1. Create and schedule a laundry pickup at by choosing your day and time from the available list. Most time slot windows are 3 hours or less.
  2. Add any special instructions and/or treatment preferences.
  3. You can even leave a note to aid the driver like: "gate code is 1234" or "tiny house behind main house, use gate on right side".
  4. Please place your dirty laundry in a disposable bag for our driver to pick up. The driver carries complimentary large disposable bags if needed, since hampers, laundry baskets, suitcases, and such are not accepted. For those situations, the driver will load your laundry into our disposable bags and will leave your containers behind.
  5. Personal reusable laundry bags are FREE after the first order, simply by asking.
  6. When the driver is en route to your location, you will receive a text message letting you know how many minutes until they arrive. At this time, please leave your laundry bags by the front door or other pre-arranged location if they are not already there. You do not have to be home when the driver arrives.
  7. When the clothes are to be delivered, you will receive another text estimating the time until the driver arrives. You do not have to meet the driver at the door. The driver will knock or ring the doorbell and will leave. You will receive an additional text letting you know your laundry order has been delivered.
  8. You will receive an email receipt for your transactions.

This is entirely up to you but most of our customers like the convenience of pickup and delivery not requiring their presence.

Notes with directions help the driver locate your laundry items and help ensure a successful pickup and delivery.

Hate doing laundry and wishing you could skip laundry day altogether? If you researched laundry delivery service in Georgetown, TX, you’d probably find there are two common ways for pricing this service: Laundry By-the-Pound and Laundry By-the-Bag.

But which one is right for you? Which one is predictable, affordable, trustworthy, all-inclusive and fair? Let’s break it down and spill the tea to take a better look at both laundry service options in-depth so you are better informed.

Spoiler alert: Laundry By-the-Bag is disproportionately higher-priced, often even 3 times more expensive than laundry by the pound, and can average over $4.00 per pound!

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Standard turnaround time from pickup to delivery in Georgetown is 2 days/48 hours.

Next day options are not available for 78626, 78628 & 78634 zip codes.

Same-day options are only available by visiting one of the four convenient locations before 4 pm. However, to help ensure same-day service, please arrive as early as possible.

Currently we do not offer next-day service for Georgetown.

Georgetown laundry services are offered exclusively on Tuesdays and Thursdays with no next-day availability. Zip Codes for Georgetown route are: 78626, 78628 & 78634.

Routes are always being added so click here to send us a message of the days you would like to see added.

Normal turnaround time is 2 days/48 hours when placing a laundry-only order.

Yes, and No.

For pickup-and-delivery orders we do not offer same-day pickup in combination with same-day delivery. SpinZone Laundry operates a route system much like UPS or FedEx and not an on-demand approach.

However, customers with same-day laundry requirements can use our wash-dry-fold drop-off service at all four of our convenient locations before 4pm, since we know same-day laundry emergencies can sometimes feel like a crisis!

No, we sort for you! All wash and fold laundry orders are sorted with whites never being washed with color clothes and delicates from towels.

We check items for stains, however, please notify us if any known stains are in your order.

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