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I hate my apartment complex laundry room. It's expensive, the units are small, dirty, poorly maintained (whether or not the washer/dryer works is a crap shoot and you can only find out after you pay), and the climate control leaves a lot to be desired. Pls. There's no place to wait, and if you don't wait, there's always the chance that someone could take your laundry! So I came to spin zone this morning. It's a little before 7 on a Saturday and there are people here, but not many. But there are sooooo many units, that's not an issue at all. A lot more people could show up and still have plenty of units leftover. The prices are fair. $4.50-5.25 for a 4 load washer depending on your solid level, and $.50 for 30 minutes of dry time. The machines take coins or debit/credit (be aware that if you choose debit, there will be a $15 hold out on your account), and there are change machines for $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills, plus you can convert coins other than quarters to quarters! There are TVs if that's your thing, and free google fiber wifi. I will definitely be back.

I highly recommend this place. It's very clean and they have public restrooms. It's 24/7 and what I love is the option to pay by card, exchange coins or use a reloadable card. I prefer using coins. The restrooms are very clean with a passcode to use. Staff is friendly, but not annoying. No homeless bugging you. I've been here twice and will bring my business here from now on.

5 stars compared to the last laundromat I went to on Oltorf. It's clean and the washers and dryers are clean too. They have attendants who are actually making sure the place is clean instead of sitting around on their phone. Thank you! I'll be back.

I love this place. It's so friendly. I can do my wash. All the machines work & so do the dryers. There are plenty of baskets and the bathrooms are clean. I love the fact that you can load your laundry card with your credit card. Saves the hassle of a bunch of change. It's very convenient with 24 hour service

I wanted to give a huge HUGE thank you to Jose for being an amazing informant to me on my first ever visit to SpinZone! Because I didn't know how anything worked he went over the whole process with me and YES he absolutely went above and beyond -outstanding guest service! The laundromat itself is extremely spacious. I've actually never been in one so big and open before, so it's not the usual cramped space I'm accustomed to which was a plus for me! The restrooms (which have a punch code for access )were clean and the mat as well. Also free WiFi is available here! The passcode can be found either with one of the employees or at the front desk. I will DEFINITELY be a returning customer to this location ! Thanks again!

Turns out when we intentionally filled their bag with our damp linens and towels and weighed it, we were surprised to see our pricey $70 bag only weighed 29 pounds!

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"Spending a lot of time in front of a hot washer and dryer during summer in Central Texas is no fun and I’m sure glad we handed off this chore to SpinZone Laundry!"   View Customer Story

"I now use SpinZone Laundry delivery service for my dirty laundry and could not be happier." View Customer Story

"I definitely made the right call for mom using SpinZone Laundry! "

"Honestly would not be the end of the world if our washing machine broke again."

"Making the switch to SpinZone Laundry delivery service in Cedar Park was definitely the right choice and we could not be happier!"

Their price was very reasonable costing us only about $40 to have it all laundered so we signed up for recurring service for the rest of the summer!

I had noticed I could sign up for recurring laundry service and save a little either every week or every other week. Bingo, I would just do my laundry every other week, problem solved!

SpinZone Laundry in Round Rock has really spoiled us with fair pricing and convenient laundry service.

Those concerns were quickly put to rest as I discovered SpinZone Laundry only charged by the dry weight of our laundry order. What a relief!

Ozone is truly an amazing earth-friendly technology that I’m frankly amazed more laundry service companies don’t have but SpinZone Laundry is the only one offering clean ozone in Austin.