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Self-Service Coin and Card-Operated Laundromat in Austin and Round Rock

Looking for a coin-operated laundromat near Austin in Travis or Williamson County?

You have found the BEST with SpinZone!

Stop in today for your self-wash laundry. Why?

Open 24/7

Please visit our locations page for individual store hours.

The Best

We've been voted “Best Laundromat in Austin” 5 times by The Austin Chronicle! With 4 locations in Austin and Round Rock there is a SpinZone Laundry near you!


All locations are fully-staffed around the clock for your safety and convenience! There will always be a helpful employee onsite to assist you with questions or concerns.


With an attendant always on-site, you're assured the store is always clean!

Credit Card, Debit Card, Rewards Card and Coin

We accept them all! No need to haul a pocket full of change to the laundromat. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple & Google Pay so you can be entirely Coinless. If you do want to use cash, however, we still conveniently offer coin laundry.


Regular customers get rewarded for their loyalty with our Rewards Program.


A/C and heating, for year-around comfort. Select stores have Big Ass Fans®


All our stores feature well-maintained Speed Queen Equipment, the “Cadillac” of the industry.

Change Machines & Bill-Breakers

All stores have change machines to break your bills into quarters and most locations are able to break your larger bills into smaller ones before receiving change.

The Biggest

We're the largest laundromat in Central Texas (consisting of over 500 washers and dryers). We also offer a variety of equipment sizes from single-load machines for smaller items such as baby clothes and personal items to the industry’s largest 10-load machines for larger items such as comforters, blankets and sleeping bags.

Free Wi-Fi

All stores have complimentary Wi-Fi and our SoCo (South Congress) location even has Google Fiber! Some stores also have complimentary iPad access and charging stations to keep all your electronic devices charged while completing your laundry.

Free Coffee & Donuts in the Morning

Complimentary coffee and donuts served every morning to help get your day started off on the right foot.

Numerous HD Televisions

With so many flat-screen TVs, you'd swear you were in Best Buy®. Keeping your family entertained!

Snack & Beverage Machines

Large variety of cold beverages and snacks to choose from.

Arcade Games

Keeping you and your family amused! Play a variety of games from pinball to Ms. Pac-Man.

Kids Zone

Ever try to wash your clothes while watching your kids? We know that can be difficult, so try to make that a little easier by using our Kids Zone that has a TV playing animated children’s movies, and books.


Select locations have a private outdoor area to relax while washing.

Soap & Supplies

Forget your soap or laundry bag? We have a variety of products for purchase to accommodate your needs.

In addition to our Self-Service, Coin-Op and Card-Operated Laundromats, we also offer a Commercial Laundry Service for businesses and convenient Wash & Fold Laundry Drop Off Service and Pick Up & Delivery in the Greater Austin & Round Rock Area.