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Flat-Rate Wash & Fold Pricing in Austin, TX

September 15, 2022

Flat Rate Wash And Fold Pricing

Imagine, if you will, a world where laundry delivery service is priced by the bag. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination and no matter how much you “stuff your laundry bag full,” it always weighs the same. Now, imagine this laundry service costing you 3 times more than it normally should. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, The Laundry Per-Bag Zone.

Picture that, would you pay 3 times the going rate or 4-6 dollars per pound for your “stuffed laundry bag” regardless of weight? Sadly, reasonable individuals all over Austin today have opened the door to this strange new dimension of “fuzzy math” and “boundless laundry bags” simply because they were sold a false narrative with little basis in reality that “flat-rate wash and fold pricing makes laundry predictable and affordable.”

The laundry service provider said their small standard 22”x28” laundry bag would hold 30 pounds of laundry and 3 plus loads but never offered to back up these claims nor guarantee their laundry bag’s capacity with their stated pounds. But that’s not fair, you scream! Oh, but they don’t have to prove it. They just have to repeat it enough to make you believe as the words and are all that matter and not the reality!

Once the Laundry Per-Bag people have you in this new altered reality, they begin to squeeze and “probe” you by nickel and diming you. Want your clothes on hangers they ask? That will be an additional $3. Want your whites bleached? Add another $1. Can we interest you in some fabric softener for the nominal additional fee of 50 cents? Oh…and of course, you do want your clothes back that we have stashed in another dimension, right? That will be $6 extra!

How Much Does My Laundry Weigh?

Only in the “Laundry Per-Bag Zone” are the laws of physics altered and your 22”x28” standard laundry bag now miraculously holds 30 pounds of laundry. On Planet Earth, where most of us live, the laws of physics govern the capacity of earthlings’ laundry bags and must be adhered to. Albert Einstein once stated, “Good luck even ‘stuffing’ 20 pounds of laundry into that so-called ‘30 pound’ standard laundry bag.” Stephen Hawking was overheard saying “Unless you have a spare black hole laying around, the universe will never allow 30 pounds of laundry within the confines and dimensions of a 22”x28” bag.”

Stuff Your Laundry Bag Challenge

So, we’re obviously making fun of laundry-per-bag companies and their out-of-this-world, stellar claims but truer words were never spoken and unlike the claims of per-bag laundry companies, SpinZone Laundry is willing to BACK-IT-UP!

In fact, we are so confident you will not be able to “stuff” 30 pounds of laundry (what they claim their laundry bag’s capacity is) into their small standard laundry bag we will wash-dry-fold your laundry for FREE if you can! Tap here for details Heck, good luck getting even a fraction of that like 20 pounds into that small laundry bag. While there, find out how flat-rate per pound laundry delivery service with SpinZone Laundry in Austin is easily more affordable, transparent and predictable than what the Laundry Per-Bag guys offer.

Wash & Fold Pricing Transparency

By not providing you the weight of your laundry bag, per-bag laundry companies have unlocked the door into a distorted new dimension filled with darkness and deception. A dimension of manipulation and extreme laundry pricing where the truth goes to die and comparing your laundry order to its legitimate weight in pounds can easily be shrouded.

SpinZone Laundry, on the other hand, operates in the light and is transparent with our flat-rate wash and fold pricing. We don’t shape-shift by seducing you with an inflated, imaginary weight of your laundry bag up front only for that number to vanish and never be acknowledged or spoken of again once your order is complete. Weight, what weight? More like… weight, what…WAIT!

Put SpinZone Laundry to the test and turn the lights on by asking the finished weight of your per-bag laundry! You will find we are easily the affordable laundry service near me in Austin, often one third the cost than the “stuff your bag” sci-fi guys who are leading you down an overpriced journey into…The Laundry Per-Bag Zone.

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