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Laundry Delivery Service by the Bag vs. by the Pound

June 25, 2021


Think you are saving money doing your laundry by the bag with a “set price” laundry service? You may be surprised. Some laundry service companies charge by the full bag only and make no accommodations for partially filled bags. They also have the audacity to promote their bags as holding, say, 30 pounds of clothes and 3+ loads of laundry, both of which are nearly impossible to achieve Have you ever actually filled one of their bags and weighed it? THEY HOPE YOU NEVER DO!

To see this unfair pricing policy yourself, most by-the-bag laundry service companies’ small bags start at approximately 22” x 28”. If you do not have one of their bags, it just so happens to be the size of a tall, 13-gallon, kitchen trash bag. Now, stuff that bag as full as you can. (Remember you must be able to close the bag once stuffed). Next, weigh it on your bathroom scale. Is the weight anywhere close to 30 pounds, as they claim for a laundry bag? Your bag likely weighs a small fraction of that, often between 10-15 pounds. Now, take the higher weight value of, say, 15 pounds and multiply it by SpinZone Laundry’s recurring delivery service price of $1.65 per pound and you quickly realize you are paying an additional 40%, 50% or even more with the “by-the-bag” company! Keep in mind this comparison is for a full bag. Imagine the additional discrepancy in cost for a partially filled bag! Still think by the bag saves you money?

Extra Fees vs. All-Inclusive

But wait, it gets better! Most laundry service companies also have “additional charges” such as a fee for delivery, a fee to hang your clothes, a fee for softener, a fee for bleach, while SpinZone Laundry’s service is all-inclusive! Still think by the bag saves you money?

Fewer Clothes, Same Cost?

What happens if you have less than a full bag of laundry? Do you think a company with all those extra fees would charge you half price for half a bag if you had 2 ½ bags of laundry? Think they would round down to 2 or up to 3 in charging you? Their actual pricing supplies the answer. Laundry Day does not always coincide with a full bag of laundry and you would be short-changed even more money with a partially filled bag, which, over time could significantly add up. Still think by the bag saves you money?

Only Pay for What You Need

SpinZone Laundry’s fair, comprehensive alternative is to only pay for what you need. You do not have to sprain a muscle stuffing your bag to get what you think is a deal but in the end is still a higher price. There are no delivery fees or senseless “additional charges” for your items. We are all-inclusive! Please check out the example below of a real-life order with the competition’s pricing vs. that of SpinZone Laundry’s delivery service. You work hard for your money. Make the smart choice!


Cost Comparison:

SpinZone Laundry Delivery Service vs. By the Bag

Based on a real order from a new South Austin client

SpinZone Laundry

(All Inclusive)
  • Softener Included
  • Bleach Included
  • Hanging Included
  • Pickup/Delivery Fee Included

By-the-Bag Company

$45/Large Bag x 2 = $90.00
(Additional Charges)
  • Softener $0.50
  • Bleach $0.50
  • Hanging $3.00
  • Pickup/Delivery Fee $6.00

Now that’s Sticker Shock!

Like what you see? Tap schedule a laundry pickup to get started today. Whether you have a one-time order or a recurring one with us, we do not have contracts. Cancel any time you want! Want a sweeter deal? New customers use Promo Code NEW20 and save 20% off your first order!

Don’t turn you laundry bags into money bags. Make the smart choice, SpinZone Laundry!

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