"Spending a lot of time in front of a hot washer and dryer during summer in Central Texas is no fun and I’m sure glad we handed off this chore to SpinZone Laundry!"

- Ben D.

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Searching for a Laundry Delivery Service in Hutto

Living in Hutto with both kids off to college, my wife and I were enjoying a little piece and quiet. With just the two of us our laundry load was manageable but that all changed when our kids returned home for the summer. Don’t get me wrong, I had missed them so much but not so much their dirty laundry that they quickly dropped all over the hallway before running out the door with their friends. I knew we needed some summer help with our laundry load.

Found a Wash-Dry-Fold Laundry Delivery Service with SpinZone Laundry in Hutto

A very efficient, problem-solving friend of mine in North Austin had recently told me about all the time they were saving weekly with SpinZone Laundry and its free pickup and delivery laundry service. Looking to regain our free time too without breaking the bank, we gathered up all our kids’ dirty clothes, some of our own for good measure, put them in a large laundry bag and had SpinZone Laundry whisk them away with their laundry delivery service. Their price was very reasonable costing us only about $40 to have it all laundered so we signed up for recurring service for the rest of the summer!

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How does Hutto Laundry Delivery Service Work?

It was easy to place our laundry service order with SpinZone Laundry online. They offer simple sign in options with Facebook or Google and our account was set up in a flash. I selected the date and time along with our preferences and special instructions for our clothes. We even selected our laundry detergent, softeners, bleach and hanging preference which didn’t cost extra. They took care of everything else and even gave us our own complimentary personal laundry bags.

We receive a friendly text the evening before pickup reminding us of our pending laundry order. Additionally, we receive a text when the driver is en route with the estimated time of arrival.  This alerts us to put our clothes out for the driver, if we hadn’t done so already. However, we love the convenience of their contactless pickup and delivery laundry service option which we use a lot when we can’t be home. Finally, we receive another text letting us know the driver has picked up our laundry.

When our laundry order is being delivered, we receive a text letting us know the driver is en route and the estimated time of arrival followed by a text letting us know our laundry order was delivered. There are times we have been in a rush and needed our clothes back sooner and were able to pick up our laundry at their facility in Round Rock.

Spending a lot of time in front of a hot washer and dryer during summer in Central Texas is no fun and I’m sure glad we handed off this chore to SpinZone Laundry!

I would highly recommend SpinZone wash and fold laundry service in Hutto with free pickup and delivery to anyone. Everyone has been very polite and helpful when setting up our laundry service and we finally met our driver, too, and told him we couldn’t be happier.

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