"I now use SpinZone Laundry delivery service for my dirty laundry and could not be happier."

- Janice R.

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Best Laundromat in Hutto

I hated my apartment complex’s laundry room. It was expensive, the units were small, the place was always dirty, there’s no place to wait and the climate control left a lot to be desired. I thought doing laundry couldn’t get anyway worse and my clothing future looked bleak! (Okay, I can be dramatic!)

Anyway, in desperation, I did a search for laundromats near me in Hutto and found SpinZone Laundry in Round Rock. Wow, this place is amazing and has to be seen to be believed!

SpinZone Laundry in Round Rock has super high ceilings with Big Ass Fans (not an opinion, that’s actually a brand name!) nice and cool, TV’s everywhere, a lounge area, Wi-Fi charging stations and the list goes on. Their prices are fair with a 3-load washer priced at $3.00 with dryers at $1.25 for 35 minutes. All the machines take coin or debit/credit card (be aware that if you choose debit, there will be a $15 hold on your account) No wonder they have won “Best Laundromat” numerous times!

After washing my laundry each week at SpinZone in Round Rock, I began to notice they do a lot of wash-dry-fold business. I was seeing customers regularly dropping off and picking up their laundry so naturally that got my attention.

Best Wash and Fold Laundry Service near Hutto

I brought my clothes to SpinZone Laundry one Thursday, as this was my weekly laundry day, intending to use their Self-Service Laundry as I had been doing each Thursday for some time.

This time I decided to stop by the counter and inquire about their Wash and Fold Drop off Laundry Service and maybe letting SpinZone Laundry wash-dry-fold my clothes.

The friendly attendant helped walk me through the very straightforward process. We put my clothes on the scale and my weekly wash load turned out to weigh about 16 pounds for just myself. Who knew? The attendant informed me the price would be $23 for next day or I could pay 35 cents more per pound and have it done same day. She continued by saying the price would include everything such as hangers soap, softener and any special instructions and I would receive a text message when my order was complete!

True to their word, I received a text sooner than expected informing me my laundry order was ready for pickup. I returned to the store and could not be happier with my laundry! I see now why their wash-dry-fold business is so busy. This continued weekly for a while and one day when I was picking up my laundry I saw a gentleman loading laundry into a SpinZone Laundry delivery van. Okay, now I had to know about this!

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Best Laundry Delivery Service with Pickup in Hutto

So, I asked about home delivery service for my laundry. I was told SpinZone Laundry has free pickup and delivery; however, the catch was there was a $30 minimum, and my usual laundry order ran around 23-25 dollars. So, I passed.

When I got home, I started surfing SpinZone Laundry’s website. As the employee had stated, SpinZone Laundry does have free delivery but with a $30 minimum. I had noticed I could sign up for recurring laundry service and save a little either every week or every other week. Bingo, I would just do my laundry every other week, problem solved!

I now use SpinZone Laundry delivery service for my dirty laundry and could not be happier. No crappy apartment complex laundry facilities and I have my laundry delivered right to my door like so many other things today. Positively Amazonian!

Thank you SpinZone Laundry!

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