"Making the switch to SpinZone Laundry delivery service in Round Rock was definitely the right choice and we could not be happier!"

- Mark V.

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Laundry Delivery Service for Airbnb in Pflugerville, TX

Never thought I would be busier in retirement hosting my 7 Airbnb’s in North Austin and Pflugerville, than I was during my long career with Dell but here we are! Lots of work but I’m a people person and love to provide great service with an all-round pleasant experience for guests who visit in North Austin.

I knew early on I would have to manage my time and costs or things would get out of hand quickly. I did a lot of the repair work myself and my wife and I started doing the laundry at home. Sadly, we were doing laundry several times a week, never considering an outside laundry service with pickup. Come to think of it, we were also naïve enough to not consider the high utility bills that followed from doing laundry at home ourselves, as we quickly discovered. Live and learn! Our Airbnb laundry soon exceeded our machine capacity and ate up all our free time so I did what most people do…turned to Google.

Airbnb Laundry Delivery Service in Pflugerville: By-the-Bag

I quickly found a per-bag laundry service with pickup online in Pflugerville. Pretty straightforward: They would come by and pick up our dirty laundry at my Airbnb’s, wash-dry-fold the linens, then drop them off after processing. Easy peasy. The wash and fold service was great; however, I started looking more closely at our costs for wash and fold laundry delivery service and thought there had to be a more affordable price alternative for our laundry service with delivery.

I was having lunch with my accountant one day and discovered she happened to have other clients with Airbnb’s, as well. She informed me other clients of hers were very pleased with SpinZone Laundry Delivery Service regarding both service and pricing and maybe I should look at their laundry delivery service, too.

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Affordable Airbnb Laundry Delivery Service in Pflugerville: By-the-Pound

A quick check of SpinZone Laundry’s website showed they charged for laundry by the pound. We had been processing our laundry on a per-bag cost basis so was curious how the two laundry services stacked up, pricewise. I discovered that each of our rooms, basically every 2 guests, used approximately 8 - 10 pounds of laundry. I quickly did the math for myself and was floored at the price difference between SpinZone Laundry’s By-the-Pound and what we were paying with the per-bag laundry company in Pflugerville!

However, I was particularly concerned about heavy, wet laundry, specifically wet towels, as SpinZone Laundry charges by the pound for their laundry service. Our guests often leave a pile of damp, heavy towels after showering on the bathroom floor which I find at checkout. I was naturally worried we might be overcharged. Those concerns were quickly put to rest as I discovered SpinZone Laundry only charged by the dry weight of our laundry order. What a relief!

In addition, we learned SpinZone Laundry did not charge a delivery fee or other, frankly weird, fees that you would think would be included in a laundry service. SpinZone Laundry’s services in Pflugerville are comprehensive and very straight forward with their laundry pricing.

Making the switch to SpinZone Laundry delivery service in Pflugerville was definitely the right choice and we could not be happier!

I wish I would have known about SpinZone’s affordable laundry service prices earlier! In addition to saving us money for our Airbnb laundry service, SpinZone’s Pick-Up & Delivery Laundry Service has been a reliable time-saver for us. With SpinZone Laundry, I have one less item to worry about on my list and can focus more of our attention to our guests! We are planning on adding additional Airbnb’s in North Austin and Cedar Park and SpinZone Laundry will definitely be part of our planning!

It’s nice knowing I have a comprehensive, affordable wash and fold laundry delivery service near me that has my back and I can trust!

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