"I definitely made the right call for mom using SpinZone Laundry! "

- Terry C.

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From Smoking Odor to Pet Odors in Laundry, I Need Help

Not wanting to spend a small fortune on laundry service for my mother-in-law as she smokes her way through life like a chimney, I searched for an affordable wash and fold delivery service near me in Pflugerville, TX. Mom has 3-6 cats, depending on the day, and a couple of large dogs so you can imagine the multitude of odors permeated in her dirty laundry and clothes. She is fortunate enough to still live at home but getting up there in age, struggles to do chores around the house and no longer drives.

To help with her laundry load, I searched online for a laundry service with the convenience of pickup in Pflugerville and found SpinZone Laundry. Their laundry service prices were very reasonable, and I noticed they delivered in my neighborhood of 78660 as well as my mom’s zip code of 78664. SpinZone Laundry offers free pickup and delivery in Pflugerville six days a week with 3-hour windows to choose from but what really caught my eye was their ozone laundry system page.

Eliminate Odors with an Ozone Laundry System in Pflugerville

I never knew the amazing things ozone could do! I first called BS on SpinZone Laundry’s claims about all the great benefits of an ozone laundry system but looked into them more myself and washing your clothes in ozone is truly an amazing technology. Disinfects better than bleach, kills viruses of all kinds including COVID in laundry, mold & mildew and most interesting to me also eliminates odors. Turns out the ozone laundry cleaning process is used in all kinds of heavy-duty industries like fire restoration of clothing. I figured if they use ozone for fire damaged clothing it has to be great on regular cigarette smoke and pet odors in clothes.

Ozone is all natural as it is just 3 molecules of pure oxygen with the only byproduct being oxygen! Think of it like OxiClean on steroids only way better!

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Laundry Delivery Service in Pflugerville with Ozone

It was easy to place an order online with SpinZone Laundry using just a couple of clicks and in their service preferences, I mentioned to wash the clothes in ozone. We set up recurring, weekly service and are updated regularly with text messages giving us the status of mom’s orders.

SpinZone Laundry took care of everything and I can’t recommend them enough, especially if you have stubborn odors or just want to make sure your laundry is not just clean or deodorized but disinfected, as well. What’s great is ozone cleans so well but still leaves your clothes soft and fluffy, not rough like you often have using many strong detergents.

Ozone is truly an amazing earth-friendly technology that I’m frankly amazed more laundry service companies don’t have but SpinZone Laundry is the only one offering clean ozone in Austin.

I definitely made the right call for mom using SpinZone Laundry! I think I’m her favorite now over her actual son!

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