Wash and Fold Laundry Service with Pickup in Round Rock

"Honestly would not be the end of the world if our washing machine broke again."

- Mollie G.

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My Washing Machine Broke during COVID

We were moving from Pflugerville to Round Rock to shorten the commute for my new job just as COVID struck. About the same time, our old, washer/dryer combo was on its last legs. I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t complain about the noise! I was willing to get our washing machine fixed but no one had spare parts, what with the whole supply chain situation, and Round Rock’s Stay-at-Home guidelines. I honestly wasn’t sure what we were going to do.

Noticed a SpinZone Laundry Delivery Van in Round Rock

Then, I was sitting in traffic on day and noticed a SpinZone Laundry delivery van next to me. Ah hah! Their van stated they offered residential laundry service free laundry pickup and delivery. I went to their website and found it very clear and easy to use. I could schedule a laundry pickup from several available days and times. Super easy!

Well, their Round Rock laundry delivery service has been nothing short of amazing! We were quickly able to set up recurring, weekly laundry service making laundry one less chore to deal with. SpinZone Laundry also offers contactless pickup and delivery laundry service which has been nice during the COVID pandemic.

SpinZone Laundry has fair laundry service prices as we spend around $40 - $50 per week. No surprise price hikes or mysterious fees! We receive regular updates via text message on our laundry order, the laundry is always done perfectly and the driver has been amazing.

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Towel Stack

Washing Machine Repaired but Still Use SpinZone Laundry Delivery Service

Now that our washing machine has been repaired, we can do our own laundry again but honestly, who likes doing laundry? SpinZone Laundry in Round Rock has really spoiled us with fair pricing and convenient laundry service.

We still have our laundry picked up with SpinZone Laundry in Round Rock. It’s one little piece of the “Good Life” we can afford.

Honestly would not be the end of the world if our washing machine broke again.

Thanks, SpinZone!

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