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Flat-Rate Wash & Fold Laundry Service in Austin, TX

June 16, 2023

Flat Rate Laundry Service

Good morning Mr. Laundry “Matt”:

It has come to our attention that dozens, if not billions, of innocent individuals in Austin may have been misinformed about the weight and capacity of their bulk laundry bags. Word is, a prominent Per-Bag laundry delivery service operating within the Austin market, has repeatedly claimed, that their standard laundry bag, measuring 22”x28”, can hold 30 pounds of laundry.

Contrary to this, intelligence gathered from our field agents, in conjunction with customer feedback, seems to indicate this story line to be false and nothing more than propaganda, as it appears to defy the laws of known laundry physics. Furthermore, the per-bag laundry service in question has failed to provide any substantiation for their 30-pound claim, causing chaos and confusion within the Austin laundry service community.

The truth or falsity of this bag claim is so crucial to local security; it has made it to The President’s desk. After being briefed and marked with the highest priority imaginable, The President concealed the top-secret classified findings at his personal residence and has commissioned us to investigate.

Your mission, Matt, should you choose to accept it, is to try “Stuffing” 30 pounds of laundry into their so-called “30-pound” standard laundry bag, which is equivalent to a 13-gallon bag, and verify its true weight. As always, should you or any of your Mission Impossible Laundry Force (MILF) be caught or forced to wash-dry-fold dirty laundry, The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

This message will self-destruct in five seconds, give or take, and may be recycled in a future blog installment titled: “Rogue Laundry Service: The Dirty Truth about Flat-Rate Wash & Fold.”

Good luck Laundry “Matt”!

Stuff your Laundry Bag Full; It Doesn’t Change the Price!

Honoring The President’s request by accepting the impossible mission, Matt reached out to field agent Mollie G., who had infiltrated the per-bag laundry service as an undercover operative. Mollie was able to quickly secure the “Real McCoy,” a standard laundry bag for Matt and the MI Laundry Force’s covert operation.

Once acquired and as instructed, the team immediately proceeded to “Stuff your laundry bag full,” abundantly aware that “It doesn’t change the price!” However, they were on a 30-pound mission – from The President!

The team valiantly tried various combinations of laundry items including: shirts, jeans, blouses, shorts, dresses, underwear, socks, towels and linens but ultimately failed to “Stuff” 30 pounds of laundry into the 22”x28” standard laundry bag. Desperate, the team turned to a 13-gallon trash bag, hoping to “Stuff” 30 pounds of laundry into this bag given its similar size.

How Much Laundry Will a 13-Gallon Bag hold?

As it turns out, a standard 13-gallon trash bag will hold an average of 16.25 pounds of laundry, essentially half of what the per-bag laundry service claimed their laundry bag could hold!

Curious: Matt Googled, “How Much Laundry will a 13 gallon bag hold?” Interestingly, the results seemed to agree and pointed to a range of 13-17 pounds of laundry as verified by the team’s results. There were a few outliers that mentioned 20 pounds or higher but those laundry service providers priced their laundry by-the-bag and not by-the-pound.

Could pricing laundry by-the-bag, rather than by-the-pound, allow the laundry service providers to more easily hide and manipulate the bag’s true capacity? “Say it ain’t so, Joe!” After all, if they never have to substantiate the weight of your laundry against their advertised capacity, what keeps them honest? Would you trust a company that promotes “Stuffing” a significant amount of laundry into their laundry bag but then “Hangs you out to dry” by not verifying the final weight after completing your order?

All-Inclusive, Austin Laundry Service

Failing to “Stuff” 30 pounds of laundry into the standard laundry bag, Matt relented and decided to “Throw in the towel,” opting to spend the advertised price of $50 per bag he was allocated on his personal laundry. He requested the per-bag laundry service add bleach to his whites and a scented fabric softener to the laundry load. Matt needed his shirts to be hung and required his laundry back as soon as possible – Next-Day!

Matt was shocked to receive a bill for $72.50, which far surpassed the advertised “Flat-Rate” of $50! To his surprise, the bill included additional add-on fees: $1 for bleaching his tighty-whities, 50 cents for fabric softener, $10 for hanging his two polo shirts, and $6 for delivery. Adding to his frustration, there was an additional charge for next-day delivery, further increasing his total cost.

In total, Matt ended up spending an additional 57% beyond the supposed “Flat-Rate” advertised price of $50 per bag. To make matters worse, he could only manage to “Stuff” a miniscule 16.25 pounds of laundry into that so-called “30-pound” standard laundry bag equivalent, bringing his total “Stuffed bag” cost to $4.83 per pound or three times the going rate! Now, imagine the additional cost per pound if his bag wasn’t “Stuffed!”

Laundry Service Pricing Transparency

Ladies and Gentlemen: The story you have read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and their identities.

Regrettably, some per-bag laundry service providers have chosen to engage in deceptive marketing practices, commonly known as “Bait-and-Switch,” by exaggerating the weight capacity of their laundry bags. They “Put their thumb(s) on the scale” when advertising the poundage but when it comes to your completed order, they conveniently fail to provide any evidence of the actual weight. It’s as if the weight they advertised magically disappears! Instead of delivering on their promised weight, they leave you waiting and wondering. Wait…! Where’s the final weight they advertised?

SpinZone Laundry takes a different approach, prioritizing honesty and transparency for our valued customers. Our Wash & Fold Pricing is designed to be affordable, transparent, and all-inclusive. We firmly reject manipulative tactics, such as artificially inflating the stated weight capacity of your laundry bag to justify exorbitant pricing. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our practice of providing you with the accurate finished weight of your laundry order, in line with the principles set out by Truth-in-Advertising (TINA) established by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

In fact, “Get a load of this.” Several liquid laundry detergent brands are allegedly “Taking customers to the cleaners.” Procter & Gamble, known for their brands Tide and Gain, is among the corporations whose products are mentioned in a class-action lawsuit highlighted by this article from Truth-in-Advertising. The article uncovers the possibility of a major multi-billion-dollar company misleading the public about the true number of loads their laundry products can handle. It’s important to acknowledge that if a multi-billion-dollar corporation can essentially mislead customers on laundry loads, how difficult would it be for a small local company to similarly mislead customers regarding the capacity of their laundry bags, whether in terms of loads or pounds?

Stuff Your Laundry Bag Challenge

At SpinZone Laundry, we have put our claims to the test and are genuinely confident that “Stuffing” 30 pounds of laundry into a small standard laundry bag measuring 22”x28” (equivalent to a 13-gallon bag) is nothing short of a “Mission Impossible,” regardless of any claims made elsewhere. Despite our valiant efforts, we came up significantly short and we’ve yet to encounter anyone who has accomplished this Herculean task. However, if you believe you possess the extraordinary ability to do so, bring us your bulk laundry, and we will gladly wash-dry-fold it for you, absolutely FREE of charge! Tap here for further details.

Furthermore, unlike with the per-bag laundry service, you don’t have to wait until your laundry bag is “Stuffed” before placing an order, only to discover that what you were sold as an affordable deal ends up costing you three times the going rate!

Moreover, with SpinZone Laundry, there are no surprise add-on fees after pricing your laundry bag. Our laundry service is all-inclusive, which means it includes such basic laundry items as bleach, along with free laundry pickup & delivery. With us you’ll never be nickel-and-dimed.

We provide you with a fair, predictable, flat-rate price based upon the actual weight of your laundry bag, regardless of how “Stuffed” it is. We intentionally weigh your laundry on the back-end, when it is dry, ensuring a truly accurate weight for your laundry service.

Discover the unparalleled convenience of our flat-rate laundry service, ensuring a hassle-free and budget-friendly experience. At SpinZone Laundry, we are proud to be a local business you can rely on, dedicated to serving our community with integrity and professionalism. Put our exceptional flat-rate laundry service to the test and witness the difference today!

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